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“Our photography is one of the most essential and memorable elements of our brand because it enables us to express our brand identity and tell our unique brand story through striking imagery.” 

“Drawing inspiration from our tagline and ethos, ‘Where life happens,’ our photography style takes cues from fashion and luxury photography and is characterized by being distinct, premium, modern, and aspirational.”

“The style is defined by the following attributes: sophisticated, modern, dynamic, magnetic, and engaging. The following section outlines the key considerations to keep in mind when shooting or selecting stock photography, where appropriate, to represent our brand.”

Still Life Photography

“We work with our art direction, concept building, stylist combined with our trend knowledge to develop eye-catching imagery specific to your requirements.”

Still life photography is full of lavish, exotic and diverse arrangements, rich with symbolic depth. We take a considered approach to the art direction and set design on every still life arrangement. Your brief and brand story, is at the core of each image, allowing us to showcase your products beautifully and engage your audience in your brand’s tone of voice.

Fashion Photography

“Fashion photography is about telling a story with images that offer a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing subjects and locations, professional models, fashion stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists. It’s commonly used by magazines and brands. Our editorial photographers produce polished images featuring models wearing specific clothing lines in scenes designed to showcase the fashion element of the story.”

“As we all know, first impressions matter. A campaign is a series of key advertisement messages that share a single idea and visual theme. In our campaigns, we prioritise showcasing your product above all else while simultaneously telling your brand story in the most iconic and recognisable way.”

Lookbook Product Photography

“Our LookBooks product is suitable for almost every type of garment or product. We focus on incorporating your brand’s personality into the product-focused imagery, helping showcase your designs to buyers and the press through beautifully finished model imagery licensed for both online and print use. Our comprehensive production service includes concept development, location scouting, talent sourcing, senior creative direction/photography, and advertising-grade post-production work.”

E- Commerce / Packshot Product Photography

“Using our expertise in e-commerce, retail, and cultural trends, we develop consumer insights and brand positioning for your business. Our team then produces, lights, captures, and retouches photos to showcase your products on beautifully finished product imagery in-studio. We aim for simple, clean photography that clearly displays your products, often shot on a white background. You can choose to include or exclude shadows, and we offer both straight-on and overhead shots. This aspirational imagery is designed to make your products stand out from the competition and drive online sales by enhancing your e-commerce product pages.”

Video Production / Motion Graphic / Fashion Video

“Like our photography, our videography is among the most integral and memorable of our Brand Elements, because it allows us to express our Brand Identity and tell our unique Brand Story through striking footage”.

Inspired by our ethos, ‘Where life happens’, it takes cues from fashion and luxury video direction, and is distinct, premium, modern and aspirational. As such, it follows the general principles and guidelines of photography outlined in the preceding section. 
Our videography is characterised by the following attributes: Sophisticated, Modern, Dynamic, Magnetic, Engaging.
The following section describes the key considerations when shooting, or when selecting stock video footage, to represent our brand.

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